👋Welcome to my portfolio!My name is Dylan and I'm a freelance graphics designer. I have been playing Roblox since 2015 and making graphics since 2016. I specialise in rendered graphics, however I can also work on 2D designs.I hope you enjoy looking around my portfolio, and be sure to message me if you have any questions.

About Me

👋 Hello!My name is Dylan, and I go by the pronouns he/him.I've been a freelance graphics designer for 7 years, and specialise in creating rendered graphics. I also create 2D logos and designs.I'm 15, and am located in the United Kingdom. My current time zone is GMT.In my free time, I enjoy computer science, playing games, and DJing. I have been DJ'ing as a hobby for a few years now.I am currently in full time education, and am available 7 days a week, most hours of the day.I usually take around 1-5 days to create commissions, however there is no guarantee I will stick to this.



The Red Army - 1,200,000 members / 73,000,000 visits
Naval Roleplay Community - 160,000 members / 12,750,000 visits
47Studio - 100,000 members / 25,000,000 visits
The Mandalorian Empire - 100,000 members / 1,500,000 visits
United Kingdom - 50,000 members / 500,000 visits
The Sith Order - 40,000 members / 1,200,000 visits






I do not have a set price for all my graphics, and if your request does not fit the standard structure, I can adjust prices as necessary for your order.Prices usually begin from the structure found below, however I can increase the prices if the piece takes a longer amount of time than usual, and I can also do deals for bulk orders.I currently accept both Robux, Paypal (GBP) and Stripe as payment.


  • Before ordering, you should have all details of the order ready, in the event that you want to change a significant piece of the order after it has already been started (i.e redoing a character render), I have the right to charge extra.

  • I have the right to deny any commission at any time for whatever reason, whether that be I cannot take the order due to personal reasons or I simply do not wish to take the order.

  • When asked for payment, you are expected to be able to pay that amount in full. In the event you do not pay for whatever reason, I have the right to adapt and sell your graphic if I so choose.

  • There will be no refunds/chargebacks after payment has been taken, unless I cancel the order for reasons outside of the client's control (i.e not having enough time).

  • If you cancel the order after I have started, you will not be refunded, and if you haven't paid, you will be blacklisted.

  • You must pay all fees (i.e Robux tax) associated with the order.

  • You may not rush me to do your order. If we have agreed upon a specific deadline before I begin, I will do my best to stick to it.

  • Your order can take up to 14 business days to complete, please inquire if you do not hear a response back from me after then.

  • Variations and minor revisions are free, within reason.

  • You may use your order for commercial & personal purposes.

  • By ordering from me, you are granted a revokable license for reproduction, distribution, communication to the public, and adaptation (if you follow the terms below), after your order has been delivered. I have a right to attribution for all my work.

  • You are not granted ownership over the work after the order is completed.

  • You may edit your order after it is completed, however support will not be provided if you do so.

  • You may not alter the order drastically to make it seem like another piece of work.

  • You may not remove my watermark from your order whatsoever, if you do this, you will be blacklisted.

  • If you would not like your order shared until a specific date/at all, please state this after the order is completed.

  • Reselling your order or its assets is forbidden.

  • Crediting is appreciated on pages which you post the work, however it is not required.

By ordering my service, you hereby agree to all the terms stated above and violating any of the terms will result in a cancellation of your order.


  • When I work on your order, sometimes it may be more difficult than expected, or take me a longer amount of time than anticipated. This will consequently increase the price for the GFX. You are also required to pay all tax when ordering, so this will also increase the price of the order.

  • No. Exposure doesn't pay wages, and percentages often don't pay the amount to cover the fixed price of the order.

  • If the thing you'd like me to change on your order is a drastic change, such as redoing the entire rendering process, then this will cost you extra. I offer revisions & variations for free.

  • It can take up to 14 working days for your order to be completed, if you need it sooner, state that before ordering.

  • Unfortunately, I don't have time to offer lessons.

  • I currently use Blender, and Adobe Photoshop.